Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Tribute to Giles & the team.

  GILES A/W 2011 

Copy from GRAZIA

Giles heads an excellent team and as half of the team join Emmanuel Ungaro in Paris to create another fashion show under the direction of Giles may I pay tribute to :

Jess who probably understands Giles most, how he sees garments and she sees improvement every garments

Jemma who has the best charm in the studio and talent of print work. 

Kyoko, the best pattern cutter I ever know and has always passion to improve herself more and more. 

Alcy, has really amazing organised brain and eyes of creativity. 

Siobhan, the name that we hear most in the studio and always smiles for the interns. 

Here is my inspiration. 

Alison who has the hands and experiences to create most amazing dresses and willing to teach me anything that I ask. Sharon who has this energy of coming up new ideas of techniques and cheerful character to everyone. Andrew, my tailoring mentor, who has no hesitation to show me and explain why. 

And at last Giles Deacon, who gave me the start of my career, nurtured me and put me at ease that only one designer can do. Giles showed me what I want to do for living and guided me the right direction to the future. I'm pleased that I knocked his studio door and has been part of his team.


As always we put the hours in to get the perfection that is known for Giles which culminated in a joint effort of one of the best collections. The night before are we going to get this collection completed working long hours but that is fashion nothing stops for the drug not even sleep.  

They are my favorites from Giles AW/11 collection.

Giles Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearGiles Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Giles Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearGiles Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Giles Deacon’s A/W 11 spectacular collection was placed in Royal Courts of Justice, it was nervously amazing feeling to get through the entrance to back stage. This was my seventh collection working for Giles and at the first time I felt that every member of Giles team seemed to be more emotional about how it ended this hard work from studio designs to the making to the catwalk.


I plan to assist some MA students with their show pieces and continue pattern cutting for bridal designers, in any spare time create my 2nd collection using the finance to create amazing wearable clothes. I also intend to design T-shirts with my idea's and concepts. My first collection is for sale and to the right you can view the catwalk under A/W 10. 

I am open to idea's & will join Giles team again for their Spring/Summer collection 2012 in September 2011.  

My long term ambition for my name Masato the brand to be worn & to create imaginative wearable clothes. 

Thank you for reading. 



  1. Thank you for the nice tweets :)

  2. That first coat is fantastic! -xxoo
    Sounds like your'e heading in a wonderful direction, can't wait to see it in the future! :)